Chris Brown
Professeur.e des universités, directeur.rice de recherche ou assimilé
University of Portsmouth
chris.brown [at]

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School of Education and Childhood Studies
St George's Building
PO1 2HY Portsmouth
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    Chris’ research interests centre on how teachers’ use of research and how networks of teachers, academics and others can lead to improved teaching practice, school improvement and improved outcomes for children. Specific topics of interest include: evidence-informed practice and practitioner enquiry, professional development, the roles of networks in educational improvement and the impact and scale up of educational change.

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  • formation des adultes

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    Publications majeures
    • Brown, C. (2017) Further exploring the rationality of evidence-informed practice: a semiotic analysis of the perspectives of a school federation, International Journal of Education Research, 82, pp. 28-39.
    • Brown, C. (2017) Research Learning Communities: How The RLC Approach Enables Teachers To Use Research To Improve Their Practice And The Benefits For Students That Occur As A Result, Research for All, 1, 2, pp. 387-405.
    • Brown, C (2017)How to establish Research Learning Communities, Professional Development Today, 19, 2, pp. 30-55.
    • Brown, C., Schildkamp, K. and Hubers, M. (2017) Combining the Best of Two Worlds: A Conceptual Proposal for Evidence-Informed School Improvement, Educational Research, 59, 2, pp. 154-172