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University of the West of Scotland
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University of the West of Scotland
. Paisley
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Thématiques de recherche
  • The handling of socio-scientific topics like global warming, genetic modification, etc…, in particular how discussion can be conducted usefully in science lessons.
  • Effectiveness and efficacy of pedagogical approaches in learning and teaching.
  • science misconceptions;
  • constructivist approaches to learning and teaching and the ideas which pupils find difficult in the secondary sciences, particularly in biology and chemistry;
  • more humanistic approaches to science teaching and the resistance to it in so many scientific quarters, including the school curriculum;
  • cognitive development, its acceleration and potential impact on learning in science;
  • concept and skill acquisition and how these are intertwined – the science knowledge of young people and how it develops;

  • Curriculum et contenus d'enseignement
  • Didactique des disciplines

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