Ward Nouwen
Doctorant, doctorante
University of Antwerp
ward.nouwen [at] uantwerpen.be

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Universiteit Antwerpen
Prinsstraat 13
2000 Antwerpen
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    Ward Nouwen attained a Master degree in Sociology (cum laude, KULeuven, 2008). After a period working as community worker in the city of Antwerp, he started working as a research assistant in a research on segregation in Flemish primary education (SinBa, FWO). Building on the research experience on the topic of urban primary education, Nouwen participated in research on school careers of pupils with an immigrant background in secondary education in the same Flemish urban areas (Oprit14, IWT). During this period he co-drafted a research proposal that landed a 5 year research grant of the EU 7th Framework Program on reducing early school leaving in Europe (RESL.eu; www.resl-eu.org). The RESL.eu Project is coordinated in Antwerp and includes 8 other partners in the EU. Since the start of this European research, Nouwen has – as member of the coordinating partner – been one of the main researchers in the project and is working on a PhD on (Flemish) vocational education and training in relation to prevention, intervention and compensation for early leaving of education and training.

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  • enseignement primaire
  • premier cycle de l'enseignement secondaire
  • formation des adultes
  • deuxième cycle de l'enseignement secondaire

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    Publications majeures

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    Nouwen Ward, Clycq Noël, Braspenningx Marjolein, Timmerman Chris (2013). Flemish policies on early school leaving: a field description & policy analysis. RESL.eu WP series 2. Antwerpen, Universiteit Antwerpen.

    Nouwen Ward, Clycq Noël, Braspenningx Marjolein, Timmerman Chris. (2015). Cross-case analyses of school-based prevention and intervention measures RESL.eu project paper 6. Antwerpen, Universiteit Antwerpen.

    Nouwen Ward, Clycq Noël, Uličná Daniela. (2015) Reducing the risk that youth with a migrant background in Europe will leave school early/ Sirius network policy brief series ; 6--S.l., Migration Policy Institute,


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