Leisyte Liudvika
Professeur.e des universités, directeur.rice de recherche ou assimilé
TU Dortmund University
liudvika.leisyte [at] tu-dortmund.de

Adresse Professionnelle
TU Dortmund University
Vogelpothsweg 78
44227 Dortmund
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Thématiques de recherche

Liudvika Leisyte's research focuses on academic work and organizational transformation in the context of changing institutional environment. Drawing on the sociological theories she explores the issues of

  1. professional autonomy, academic roles and disciplinary cultures,
  2. academic entrepreneurship,
  3. the dynamics of governance and management of higher education institutions, and
  4. evaluation of research and quality enhancement in higher education.

  • Pratiques professionnelles et pédagogie

  • Niveau
  • enseignement post-secondaire ou premier cycle de l'enseignement supérieur
  • deuxième et troisième cycles de l'enseignement supérieur

  • Mots clés

    Publications majeures


    Leisyte, Liudvika (2015) Changing academic identities in the context of a managerial university – bridging the duality between professions and organizations evidence from the U.S. and Europe. In: The relevance of academic work in comparative perspective. The changing academy, 13 (13). Springer, Dordrecht, 59 - 73. ISBN 9783319117669

    Leisyte, Liudvika and Zelvys, Rimantas and Zenkiene, Lina (2015) Re-contextualization of the Bologna process in Lithuania. European journal of higher education, 5 (1). 49 - 67. ISSN 2156-8235


    Dobbins, Michael and Leisyte, Liudvika (2014) Analysing the Transformation of Higher Education Governance in Bulgaria and Lithuania. Public management review, 16 (7). 987 - 1010. ISSN 1471-9037

    Leisyte, L. (2014) The Balance between Teaching and Research in Dutch and English Universities in the context of university governance reforms. In: AERA conference “Disciplined Inquiry: Education Research in the Circle of Knowledge” San Diego, CA, April 13-17, 13-04-2009 - 17-04-2009, San Diego.

    Leisyte, L. (2014) The Transformation of University Governance in Central and Eastern Europe: its Antecendents and Consequences. In: Leadership and Governance in Higher Education: handbook for decision-makers and administrators, vol. 1, E 1-4. Raabe Verlag. ISBN 9783818305598

    Leisyte, L. and Chatterjee, Debabrata (2014) Organizational responses to vertically nested institutional logics. A study of two universities from Dutch and Indian research systems. In: Reimagining, rethinking, reshaping: organizational scholarship in unsettled times: 305h EGOS colloquium, Rotterdam, July 3-5, 2014, 03-07-2014 - 05-07-2014, Rotterdam.