Claire Schiff
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Université de Bordeaux
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University of Bordeaux, Sociology Department
3 ter Place de la Victoire
33076 Bordeaux
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    My research interests are :

    Migration, ethnic relations, schooling of migrants and minorities, urban sociology, transnationalism, marriage migration, discrimination, ethnic entretrepreneurship.

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  • premier cycle de l'enseignement secondaire
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    Publications majeures
    [2014] Migrant, Roma and Post-Colonial Youth in Education Across Europe. : direction d'ouvrage (ou de numéro de revue)

    Edited by Julia Szalai and Claire Schiff, Palgrave Macmillan (to order copy :

    This book compares the educational experiences of adolescents from a variety of 'visible' ethnic minority groups such as Roma in Central Europe, post-colonial minorities in France and England, Turks and Arabs in Germany, and recent immigrants in Scandinavia. Focusing on underprivileged urban contexts, it reveals the structural inequalities and also the often conflict-ridden inter-ethnic relations which develop in classrooms, playgrounds and larger communities. Ranging from explorations of quasi-ghettos to experiments in racial and ethnic integration, the encountered situations shed light on the challenges of managing diversity in local communities and on an all-societal level. The contributions consider both the routine practices of ethnic distinctions and colour-blindness in schooling, as well as the ways in which various actors - students, teachers, and parents - experience and understand these practices. In doing so, this volume reveals that despite the broad consensus on equal opportunity as a desirable aim, ethnic differentiation remains a key source of exclusion across Europe.
    1. Introduction: Understanding the Salience of Ethnicity in the Educational Experiences of Minority Adolescents Across Europe; Claire Schiff
    2. Apart or Together: Motivations Behind Ethnic Segregation in Education Across Europe; Vera Messing
    3. Inclusive Education for Children of Immigrants: The Turkish Second Generation in Sweden, the Netherlands, and Austria; Philipp Schnell and Maurice Crul
    4. Teachers' Approaches to Ethnic Minority Students Through a Comparative Lens; Claire Schiff
    5. The Emerging 'Ethnic Ceiling': Implications of Grading on Adolescents' Educational Advancement in Comparative Perspective; Julia Szalai
    6. Education in the European Multicultural Debates and Polices; Violetta Zentai
    7. Intricacies of Ethnicity: A Comparative Study of Minority Identity Formation During Adolescence; Mária Neményi and Róza Vajda
    8. Dampened Voices: A Comparative Look at Roma Adolescents' Discourses on Being 'Othered' at School; Margit Feischmidt
    9. Educational Strategies of Minority Youth and the Social Constructions of Ethnicity; Bolette Moldenhawer
    10. Racism, Ethnicity and Schooling in England; Ian Law and Sarah Swann
    11. Experiencing Ethnicity in a Colour-Blind System: Minority Students in France; Claire Schiff
    12. The Interplay of School and Family and its Impact on the Educational Careers of Ethnic Minority Youth in Germany; Gaby Straßburger
    13. Ethnic Identification and the Desire to Belong in the Case of Urban Roma Youth in Romania; Enikő Vincze
    14. Structural and Personal Forms of Discrimination in Slovak Multi-Ethnic Schools; David Kostlán
    15. Conclusions: Ethnic Distinctions and the Making of Citizenship in Education; Julia Szalai