Lisbeth Lundahl
Professeur.e des universités, directeur.rice de recherche ou assimilé
Umeå University
lisbeth.lundahl [at]

Adresse Professionnelle
Umeå universitet
Naturvetarhuset, Hus B, plan 4
SE-90187 Umeå
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    My research changed forms of education governance introduced in contemporary Sweden - in particular decentralisation, deregulation and the introduction of a market ideology - against a European context. Local youth policies, new patterns of school-to-work transitions and life-careers is another, closely related research field. The relationships between teaching, learning and spaces in higher education constitutes another, more recent field of my research

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  • Niveau
  • deuxième cycle de l'enseignement secondaire

  • Mots clés

    Publications majeures
    [2013] Educational marketization the Swedish way (several publications) : article de revue
    • Lundahl L. (2011) Paving the way to the future? Education and young European´s paths to work and independence. European Educational Research Journal, 10(2), 168-179.
    • Lundahl L. (2012). Educational theory in an Era of Knowledge Capitalism. Studies in Philosophy and Education, 31(3), 215-226.  
    • Lundahl L, Erixon Arreman I, Holm A, Lundström U. (2013). Educational marketization the Swedish way. Education Inquiry, 497-517.
    • Lundahl L & Olson M. (2013)  Democracy lessons in market-oriented schools : The case of Swedish upper secondary education. Education, Citizenship and Social Justice, 8(2).
    • Lundahl L & Olofsson J. (2014). Guarded transitions? Youth trajectories and school-to-work transition policies in Sweden. International Journal of Adolescence and Youth. 19 (Suppl 1), 19-34
    • Simmons, M., Lundahl, L., & Serpieri, R. (2013). The governing of education in Europe: commercial actors, partnerships and strategies. European Educational Research Journal (online), 12(4), 416-424