Sotiria Grek
Maître de conférence, chargé.e de recherche ou assimilé
University of Edinburgh
Sotiria.Grek [at]

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School of Social and Political Science- University of Edinburgh
3.22 Chrystal Macmillan Building
15a George Square
EH8 9LD Edinburgh
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    Sotiria researches the role of education/learning as a policy sphere that actively contributes to Europeanization. She is interested in performance monitoring and comparison as forms of education governance, through which the project of Europeanization is pursued. Therefore, her research places numbers and comparison in the foreground of enquiry into policy, rather than examine them as merely offering ‘evidence’ to policy making. Her research focuses on an analysis of global education policy convergence through an examination of the mediating effects of national/local policies and practices. Further, she researches policy learning in transnational education governance, and especially the relationship between the European Commission and the OECD in the governing of education in Europe. Finally, she is currently exploring inspection as governing through work in the research project  'Governing by Inspection: School Inspection and Education Governance in Scotland, England and Sweden' 2010-2014, ESRC (RES-062-23-2241) bilateral project with the Swedish Research Council. 

    •  Sotiria is the SSPS Deputy Director of Research, with responsibilities on ethics; SRSF; Open Access; and Research and Visiting staff.
    • She is the Associate Director of SKAPE, the Centre for Science, Knowledge and Policy.
    • She is an Executive Editor of the European Educational Research Journal (EERJ). EERJ is a peer-reviewed international journal which welcomes articles in topics relating to Europeanisation in education.
    • She convenes the SPS Policy and Governance research group.
    • She is also the Research Convener for Social Policy.



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