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    Executive functions in error detection and correction

    Executive functions and cognitive inhibition in particular, are a key of success in human thinking in order to manage the conflict between the heuristic responses (system 1 of thinking) and the costly analytic responses (system 2). I study several heuristics in reasoning, decision-making, and numeric cognition. My aim is to understand the role of inhibition processes in their detection and when necessary their interruption using behavioral and neuroimaging mesures. I'm also interested in the developement of these capacities therefore I conduct my researches in a life span perspective (from very young children to adults).

    Neurocognitive development of executive functions

    Are there any critical developmental brain regions that are involved in executive control in children and adolescents? Our recent meta-analysis of functional Magnetic Reasonance Imaging quantitative results allowed us to identify the neural correlates that underlie the functions necessary to regulate and control behavior in these age grounds. A critical region appears: the anterior insular cortex. It could be the seat of attentional control recruited more significantly to the right with age, allowing the cognitive engagement in the task. Now, by using several neuroimaging methods I studied the structural and functional roles of identiied executive regions, like the insula, in cognitive control in children.

    Pedagogy of cognitive control

    In recent decades the field of developmental cognitive neurosciences and education come together around the theme of learning. Research on brain development provides guidance on the skills and constraints of the "learning brain" to when considering new pedagogical approaches. We have developed in our laboratory an expertise on executive functions highlighting their importance in the acquisition of knowledge or in correcting the error in children and adults. Functions essential to the implementation and regulation of all behavior, they have a major role in the acquisition of basic skills first. The objective is to transfer our methodology to the "world of class" to develop focused learning capabilities of control and self control of the child. Populations: primary and secondary school. Collaboration: regional school inspectorate.

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    Rossi, S., et van der Henst, J-B. (Eds.) (2007). Psychologies du raisonnement. Bruxelles : De Boeck.