Yann Rimbaud
Doctorant, doctorante
Edinburgh Napier University
y.rimbaud [at] napier.ac.uk

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Edinburgh Napier University
Craighouse Road
EH10-5LG Edinburgh
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  • enseignement post-secondaire ou premier cycle de l'enseignement supérieur
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    Publications majeures
    [2014] Adaptive learning in Computing for Non-native Speakers : article de conférence scientifique

    Rimbaud, Y., McEwan, T., Lawson, A., & Caircross, S. (2014, October). Adaptive Learning in Computing for non-native Speakers. In FIE2014.

    Résumé :
    A significant proportion of e-Learning resources for engineering and computing education appear to be exclusively in English, requiring many learners to adapt themselves to learning from an English language context. Adaptive learning has a role to play in minimizing this adjustment and strengthening the learning. This research plans to understand learning needs, and take a Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) approach to create algorithms to supply online learning experiences and content to meet these needs, adding novel mechanisms to help learners cope, develop their language capabilities, and enhance their ability to learn in another language. This work-in-progress describes the early stages of the research and we welcome insights into taxonomies of adaptive learning techniques, and mixed methods approaches to evaluating learning effectiveness, for those learning in an additional language.