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Liste des colloques à l'international :

ICSEI 2016 - 29th International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement - Connecting teachers, schools and systems: Creating the conditions for effective learning. (Glasgow) du 06-01-2016 au 09-01-2016 plus www spacervideoarticle
EAPRIL 2015 Conference - Educating the Generation of Tomorrow. (Belval) du 24-11-2015 au 27-11-2015 plus www spacerarticle
EQAF 2015 - 10th European Quality Assurance Forum - Taking stock and looking forward. (UCL Institute of Education, London) du 19-11-2015 au 21-11-2015 plus www spacerarticle
AIU 2015 - Conférence internationale de l'Association internationale des universités - L'internationalisation de l'enseignement supérieur: aller au-delà de la mobilité. (Sienne) du 28-10-2015 au 30-10-2015 plus www spacerarticle
EADTU annual conference 2015 - Transforming Higher Education in the 21st Century: Innovating Pathways to Learning and Continuous Professional Education. (Hagen) du 29-10-2015 au 30-10-2015 plus www spacervideoarticle
ISSOTL 2015 - 12th annual conference of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning - Leading Learning and the Scholarship of Change. (Melbourne) du 27-10-2015 au 30-10-2015 plus www spacervideoarticle
2nd International Conference on Learning Cities - Building Sustainable Learning Cities. (Mexico) du 28-09-2015 au 30-09-2015 plus www spacervideoarticle
ECER 2015 - Education and Transition - Contributions from Educational Research. (Budapest) du 07-09-2015 au 11-09-2015 plus www spacerarticle
3e colloque du gEvaPE - Évaluer les pratiques enseignantes. (Lausanne) du 02-09-2015 au 04-09-2015 plus www spacerarticle
8th EUA-CDE Annual Meeting - The Future of Doctoral Education – where do we go from here?. (Munich) du 18-06-2015 au 19-06-2015 plus www spacerarticle