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Liste des colloques à l'international :

IAEVG International Conference 2010 - Career... A Celebration of Life. (Bangalore) du 08-10-2010 au 10-10-2010 plus www spacerarticle
Youth on the move – Achieving mobility for all - Belgian EU Presidency. (Anvers) du 05-10-2010 au 06-10-2010 plus www spacervideoarticle
TEPE Conference 2010 - Developing Quality Cultures in Teacher Education: Expanding horizons in relation to quality assurance. (Tallinn) du 30-09-2010 au 02-10-2010 plus www spacerarticle
EC-TEL 2010 - 5th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning - Sustaining TEL: From Innovation to Learning and Practice. (Barcelone) du 28-09-2010 au 01-10-2010 plus www spacerarticle
EADTU annual conference 2010 - Strategies and business models for lifelong learning. (Brig) du 27-09-2010 au 29-09-2010 plus www spacerarticle
WCECCE 2010 - World Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education - 1ère conférence mondiale sur l'éducation et la protection de la petite enfance. (Moscou) du 27-09-2010 au 29-09-2010 plus www spacerarticle
Breaking the cycle of disadvantage: Social inclusion in and through education - Belgian EU Presidency. (Ghent) du 28-09-2010 au 29-09-2010 plus www spacerarticle
AREF 2010 - Congrès International d'Actualité de la Recherche en Education et en Formation. (Genève) du 13-09-2010 au 16-09-2010 plus www spacerarticle
ICDE SCOP 2010 - Standing Conference of Presidents - Bridging the Development Gap. (Pretoria) du 13-09-2010 au 15-09-2010 plus www spacervideoarticle
EUA Experts Conference - Towards Financially Sustainable Universities II - Diversifying Income Streams. (Bologne) du 13-09-2010 au 14-09-2010 plus www spacerarticle