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Liste des colloques à l'international :

14th EARLI biennial conference - 2011 - Education for a Global Networked Society. (Exeter) du 30-08-2011 au 03-09-2011 plus www spaceraudioarticle
EDM 2011 - 4th International Conference on Educational Data Mining. (Eindhoven) du 06-07-2011 au 08-07-2011 plus www spacervideoarticle
CSCL 2011 - 9th International Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning - Connecting computer supported collaborative learning to policy and practice. (Hong Kong) du 04-07-2011 au 08-07-2011 plus www spacervideoarticle
Edulearn 2011 - International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies. (Barcelone) du 04-07-2011 au 06-07-2011 plus www spacerarticle
ERNAPE 2011 - 8th International Conference of the European Research Network About Parents in Education - Home, School and Community: a partnership for a happy life?. (Milano) du 29-06-2011 au 01-07-2011 plus www spacerarticle
ICDE SCOP 2011 - Standing Conference of Presidents. (New York) du 19-06-2011 au 22-06-2011 plus www spacervideoarticle
FOE 2011 - The future of Education - International Conference. (Florence) du 16-06-2011 au 17-06-2011 plus www spacervideoarticle
Eurostudent IV Final Conference - Closing the gap - New data on the social dimension of higher education in Europe. (Copenhague) du 15-06-2011 au 16-06-2011 plus www spacerarticle
9th Transformative Learning Conference 2011 - Transformative Learning in Time of Crisis: Individual and Collective Challenges. (Athènes) du 28-05-2011 au 29-05-2011 plus www spacerarticle
IST-Africa 2011 Conference and Exhibition. (Gabarone) du 11-05-2011 au 13-05-2011 plus www spacerarticle