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Liste des colloques à l'international :

13th PASCAL International Conference - Learning Cities 2040: Global, Local, Connected, Sustainable, Healthy and Resilient. (Glasgow) du 03-06-2016 au 05-06-2016 plus www spacerarticle
EURASHE 2016 - 26th annual conference of the European Association of Institutions in Higher Education - Centres of cooperation striving for excellence: professional higher education and the world of work. (Belgrade) du 21-04-2016 au 22-04-2016 plus www spacerarticle
Open Education Global Conference 2016 - Convergence through collaboration. (Cracovie) du 12-04-2016 au 14-04-2016 plus www spacerarticle
2016 AERA Annual Meeting - Public Scholarship to Educate Diverse Democracies. (Washington) du 08-04-2016 au 12-04-2016 plus www spacervideoarticle
EUA Annual Conference 2016 - Bricks and clicks for Europe: building a successful digital campus. (National University of Ireland, Galway) du 07-04-2016 au 08-04-2016 plus www spacerarticle
GHEC 2016 - Global home education conference - Home Education: It’s A Right. (Rio de Janeiro) du 09-03-2016 au 12-03-2016 plus www spacerarticle
Media & Learning 2016 - Enriching learning through media education and media literacy. (Bruxelles) du 10-03-2016 au 11-03-2016 plus www spacervideoarticle
NERA 2016 - 44th Annual Congress of the Nordic Educational Research Association - Social justice, equality and solidarity in education. (Helsinki) du 09-03-2016 au 11-03-2016 plus www spacerarticle
INTED 2016 - 10th International Technology, Education and Development Conference - 10 years together for education. (Valencia) du 07-03-2016 au 09-03-2016 plus www spacerarticle
ISTP 2016 - 6th International Summit on the Teaching Profession - Teachers' professional learning and growth: creating the conditions to achieve quality teaching for excellent learning outcomes. (Berlin) du 03-03-2016 au 04-03-2016 plus www spacerarticle